Adobe Premiere & used for cloud editing in The Bear

The FX series, The Bear has been the talk of the town with its two seasons on Hulu. The Bear is shot in Chicago, where the story takes place, but also has a remote team in LA and New York. Adobe Premiere Pro and helped put this hit series on the road. In a recent article on RedShark, they explain the power of these tools and how it was crucial in the making of The Bear. 

Editor Joanna Naugle and editor Adam Epstein teamed up to create captivating experience for their watchers. Creators were spread out between Chicago, LA, and even New York where Adam Epstein was working from and used the power of cloud editing with Adobe Premiere Pro's Productions feature to collaborate and stay organized.

"All editors had dedicated assistants who uploaded the footage onto LucidLink, a platform that facilitated the remote sharing of assets via the cloud. Epstein initially anticipated that the need for speed might eventually lead them to rely on local media storage. However, the entire process was made exclusively within the cloud."

Another crucial part of the editing process was the audio features in Adobe Premiere Pro. Since a lot of the scenes are shot in a busy kitchen environment, audio was a huge factor in creating the viewer experience. Editors used Premiere Pro's sound panel to manipulate audio creatively, incorporating ambient sounds and sound design to fully experience what it is like to be in a commercial kitchen environment.

“You can hear the sounds of the kitchen, but we also layered in different sounds for ambience. There’s a phone ringing and a train going past, so I think we definitely set a basis for the sound team to work with, and then they went in and made it a million times better. But you could feel like you were part of the bustle of the kitchen because that was important for making sure the pace was coming through and it was feeling like you’re really immersed in that world."
Joanna Naugle

Collaboration and communication were done through This helped keep the line for communication clear with post-production team members. Once production progressed and multiple episodes were filmed the editing approach evolved. "It became common to have an editor's cut for one episode, while simultaneously working on a director's cut for another. The balance was maintained throughout the filming, maintaining the collaborative nature of the creative process," says RedShark.

The Bear shows the power of collaboration in the cloud, the power of Adobe Premiere Pro features and the power of a strong team. 

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