Adobe Premiere, It’s Damn Good

MediaStorm by Tim McLaughlin

Editor’s note: After seven years working with Apple’s Final Cut Pro, we have decided to begin using the Adobe Production Suite. We were early adopters of FCP 7 and considered making the switch to FCP X. In the end, we felt more comfortable with Adobe’s product than Apple’s FCP X. We know that many people in the industry are struggling with the same decision, so our producers have agreed to share their reasoning for the switch.

Today’s post from Tim McLaughlin tells about his experiences editing in FCP X and creating MediaStorm’s first project in Adobe Premiere Pro. Eric Maierson posted yesterday explaining the overarching reasoning for the switch.

Not long ago, I was an incorrigible advocate for Final Cut Pro X.

In many ways I still am.

Organizing assets in FCP X is an absolute pleasure. When fellow producer Eric Maierson and I sat down to create the FCP X Post-production Workflow, we found that organization was dramatically faster in X than it was in FCP 7.

I like many of the new quick keys, which have a logical layout and are intuitive to use.

And as trivial as it sounds, FCP X is a pleasure to look at. It’s beautifully designed.

But the more I worked with it, the more I felt a nagging sense of uncertainty.

Here’s the thing. The timeline is my canvas. It’s my idea pad. I’m sketching out solutions to problems and playing around with elements of a story. I want it to be as simple as drawing and erasing two-dimensional objects on a page. It should be as easy as a blank piece of paper and a pencil. The more complicated the sketchbook, the less time I have to think about the story I’m telling. read more..

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