Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.0.1 - the biggest little update you’ll see today

PVC by Scott Simmons

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 20140.0.1 updatMinor in number but a few major enhancements for offline to online delivery

It seems like only yesterday that Adobe updated Premiere Pro CC to the 2014 version. Well check your updaters because now we have version 2014.0.1. The nomenclature is minor but there’s a couple of bigediting enhancements that those who have been wanting them will be thrilled with.

While there are tons of bug fixes in this release it’s these three enhancements that will be most significant to those engaged in offline to online workflows with Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

• A Codec column was added to the Project Panel

The codec column is nice as it means you no longer have to go into the Properties for each individual clip to check codec.

It’s a nice addition to have a Video Codec column in list view to see what all you’ve really got in there. A little more detail on some of them would be nice though read more...

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