Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Wish List Scorecard

Packafoma Post by Dax

This list is a follow-up to my post, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.5 Wish List (FCP switcher). Well, as we all know, CS6.5 never materialized because Adobe switched to a new, subscription-only release model. I won’t get into that except to say that I’ve been a Creative Cloud member from the start and it’s been great so far.

I first tried out Premiere about a year and a half ago with version CS5.5. I liked the general feel immediately. The same could not be said of Final Cut Pro X. (I’ve given FCPX several chances. It’s just not for me. Events? Come on.)

Premiere CS5.5 was not ready for prime time either, however, but Adobe recognized that Apple had left the door open to a large contingent of disgruntled pros. Adobe shifted more resources into Premiere development and actively sought out the input of the Mac creative community. Ironically, this is something that Apple did not and does not do, an attitude that makes sense for “dumb consumers” but not — let’s just say for example — a professional user who can catalog the 88 features that would make his working life easier.

A result of Adobe’s new focus, Premiere Pro CS6 was a major upgrade over CS5.5. Yet, when my FCP7 colleagues would ask if Premiere was the way to go, I could only say that they would probably like it better than FCPX, but that a few things would undoubtedly drive them crazy, namely track targeting in the timeline. read more...

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