Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Macworld by Antony Bolante

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6‘s aesthetic and workflow improvements over the previous version are immediately obvious at first glance. Whereas Premiere Pro CS5’s most notable features – 64-bit processing and the Mercury Playback Engine – were under the hood, the CS6 interface has undergone a comprehensive redesign that not only transforms the overall look and feel of the program, but facilitates a more efficient editing workflow. The new release is also designed to integrate two newcomers to the Creative Suite: Adobe Prelude for ingesting and logging file-based media and Adobe SpeedGrade, a colour correction and grading tool. Premiere Pro’s companion DVD authoring program, Encore, is now a 64-bit application.

Playable, resizable icon views

Premiere Pro’s Project panel has always let you view and organise assets in list form or as large icons. CS6 includes several enhancements designed to take full advantage of icon view’s visually oriented approach to organising clips.

In previous versions, icon view’s video thumbnails were static; playback was possible only in a separate preview area of the Project panel. CS6’s icon view lets you scrub video playback (without audio) by moving the mouse pointer over a thumbnail image. This feature, called hover scrub, provides a much better reminder of a clip’s contents and obviates the need for the separate preview area. If inadvertent scrubbing becomes a distraction, you can disable Hover Scrub in the Project panel’s menu. read more...

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