Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Review

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Review – It wasn’t really that long before we had CS5.5 (or time just flies?), so some of you may be wondering whether the CS6 is worth the upgrade. I haven’t looked at the other applications inside the package apart from Premiere Pro and Audition, but Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is definitely a worthy upgrade from CS5.5!

Though the Adobe Premiere Elements is much easier to use for newcomers, the Premiere Pro gives more power to both professional and non professional video editors.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Review – New Features

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 performance is simply over the top compared to the previous versions (installed and used on the same system at home). Thanks to the new GPU acceleration (utilising the power of your graphics card) and 64-bit native support Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, everything is just faster and snappier!

This performance increase is definitely noticeable on my system, which is powered by quad-core AMD AM3 Phenom II 955BE processor, 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, an NVIDIA GTX 560 graphics card, and 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate):

  • Running and Opening Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is quicker than ever
  • No playback stuttering, even when a clip has a few effects in it
  • Scrolling through the timeline is pretty much instant
  • Switching to Adobe Audition CS6 back and forth is quick and seamless

In my opinion, the performance upgrade itself is already worthy to get the CS6 suite, but of course, Adobe doesn’t just stop there. read more...

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