Adobe Premiere Pro NEXT Top Ten! by Walter Biscardi

The fine folks at Adobe gave me a sneak peek test drive of the new Adobe Premiere Pro NEXT and I have to say, WOW. Even better than the experience of seeing it at NAB. First thing that jumps out at me is the speed and responsiveness of the entire system. I was testing on a three year old iMac with a FW800 RAID and it was like I was using two completely different systems switching back and forth between NEXT and CS6.

The second this is just how much ADOBE LISTENED to what the end users were asking for. Sure there are some really nice “new features” but the features that matter to me the most are the ones that will make our daily lives much easier and efficient. In that regard, Adobe completely hit it out of the park.

So in just 90 seconds, here’s my Top Ten new features in Premiere Pro NEXT. Nothing super sexy here, just good workflow improvements.

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