Adobe Premiere Pro Quick Tip – 2 Methods for Dealing with Audio

AudioMicro by Kesakalaonu

For those of you who are Final Cut Pro 7 switchers or just new to Premiere Pro altogether, here are 2 methods for dealing with audio in Premiere Pro. The first method is for Final Cut Pro 7 switchers who want to have their audio on track 1 & 2 in their timeline. The second method is dealing with one track of audio in the timeline but changing it so that strongest or desired channel is heard as if it were recorded as stereo audio. Let’s get to it.

Method #1: Final Cut Pro 7 Style (both channels of audio on two audio tracks in the timeline)

First, select a clip in the project panel. My clip is an interview, which was recorded by the onboard microphone and a handheld microphone from an XLR cable. Right click on the clip and go to Modify>Audio Channels.

Change the Preset from Use File to Mono. This will give you the left audio channel on Track 1 and the right audio channel on Track 2. After you review the settings, hit OK. read more...

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