Adobe Premiere Pro Used for 6K Natively-edited Feature Film

Enjoy this conversation between film editor Vashi Nedomansy and writer Matthew Jeppsen on the post-production challenges of editing 6K film footage. Nedomansky's film was featured in Sundance this year - "6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain." He used a hefty Dell 7910 workstation with some nVidia P6000 parts and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. All of the effects were done in 6K as well! Read more about this pioneering project: From ProVideoCoalition

....PVC: So talk to me about the technical challenges you faced.

Vashi: The second major challenge we faced was that we were gonna shoot this at 6K, and edit and do all of post production natively with the 6K R3D files. No transcoding, no proxies, no nothing. Like we’re onlining from day one basically.

PVC: What drove the decision for a 6K native edit?

Vashi: The decision to use the 6K native files was two-fold. One, Scotty is always pushing the boundaries as a director and as a filmmaker. Secondly, one of the delivery formats for this film was Barco Escape, a three-screen immersive wrap-around cinematic experience. Star Trek Beyond did it, that film had like 20 minutes of certain key scenes where the other two screens would light up with complementary content that is telling the story. Maze Runner did the same thing.

So Barco Escape is three 2K screens. Their requirement was you have to capture in 6K to cover that, and Dragon was the only camera at the time that could do that. We tested with all these lenses, and we got some amazing 65mm film glass from Panavision that had been used on Guardians of the Galaxy and like one other film. ....[continue reading]

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