Adobe Premiere Pro Video Tutorial: The Multi-Camera Tool

PremiumBeat by Caleb Ward

In this video tutorial, learn how to edit multiple cameras using the multi-cam tool in Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro

When editing a TV show or event it can be really time consuming to edit a sequence with multiple cameras. However, in Premiere Pro there is a really handy multi-camera tool designed to help save a bunch of time when editing a multi-camera sequence. The process uses nested sequences and takes only a few seconds to set up. The following video by Infinite Skills shows us how to set up and use the multi-camera tool. The video covers:

  • In-point & out-point syncing
  • Timecode & audio waveform matching
  • Using nested sequences
  • Keyboard shortcuts in the multi-camera window

The audio waveform matching feature is one of our favorite features in the multi-camera tool. It can serve as a cheap alternative to using expensive programs such as PluralEyes. read more...

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