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Studio Monthly ROI Review By David English P Pro 2Premiere Pro and After Effects Just Got Better and Work Better Together If you work in video production, you probably have an assortment of software you’ve hobbled together. In a perfect world, your programs would have a similar interface and operate the same way for similar tasks. In the real world, you choose whichever program you can find for whatever you need to do and assume everything will somehow work together. It’s a practical approach based on the realization that "integrated" and "streamlined" software rarely makes the job any easier. What’s Cool: You can work directly with After Effects compositions in Premiere Pro or Encore without having to save or render first; the new interface makes it easy to create application- or project-specific workspaces; export to Flash Video files; broadly based HD video support, including native HDV editing; 32-bit audio support throughout the applications. read more...

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