Adobe reveals next-gen video software

Post by Larry Jordan

On April 4, Adobe revealed the next generation of its video software, announcing new versions of Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Prelude, SpeedGrade, Story, and Media Encoder. (If your favorite product was not on this list, don't worry, it didn't die, it just wasn't part of this announcement.)

- Adobe is more tightly integrating network accessibility into their projects. Not just the Creative Cloud, but the new Adobe Anywhere, which provide network-based team-oriented workflows.
- Everything is faster, including improved user interfaces, customization and 64-bit memory support
- Tighter integration between Story, Prelude, and Premiere Pro
- Built upon the current, familiar interface, but adding some killer new features.

In this announcement, Adobe did not announce release dates, pricing, or even final names. With the 2013 NAB Show coming up, Adobe wanted to showcase their new software, while still taking some time to wrap up development and get final versions ready to release.

Let's take a look at some of the new goodies.

Adobe announced Adobe Anywhere last January. What this provides is a collaborative environment where all media resides on a server, while editorial groups can access this same media and projects via the network.

What makes this new technology especially attractive is that editors don't have be in the same facility. In fact, Adobe stresses that this system doesn't even require proxies, while the master files remain on the server. This allows collaboration without regard to geographic boundaries. Media can be shared between different applications, run by different people, in different geographic areas; without relinking media, without transferring files and with complete version control read more...

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