Adobe showcase Premiere Pro CS6 new GUI, new features and it looks very familiar!

At one minute past midnight EST, Adobe published details about their new version of Premiere Pro CS6. We had the pleasure of a sneak peek a few weeks ago.

Why should an FCP based website look at a rival NLE? It is clear that FCPX isn't to everybody's liking and there are customers who have hundreds of FCP7 projects that need updating and won't survive the current transfer tools available. Adobe are clearly going after the editors and post houses that don't want to make the transition to X.

First of all, you cannot download a trial version of the new Premiere today, Adobe have published the information so that it can be showcased at NAB next week. We were lucky to be invited to a presentation of the new version and Adobe seem to have done a good job in tidying up what was a pretty messy GUI. The new dark design is the most striking change, you can give it a light grey skin if you've been used to working with the previous versions.

The GUI layout will look very familiar to FCP7 editors, they've stuck with the traditional two up window design although you can now preview footage with 'Hoverscrub' by moving the cursor over clip icons with shift held down. A very similar feature to skimming. One of the design briefs was to declutter the GUI but keep it flexible enough so that editors can customise the layout. There is a new button editor, the facility to show or hide controls and the addition of proper full screen playback. The new version will also support gestural controls from a trackpad, so pinching will zoom and you get proper ballistics when scrubbing with two fingers. read more...

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