Adobe Software Moves to the Cloud: What Users Need to Know

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Adobe Creative Cloud, the latest update to the Adobe application suite of programs, was released last week. This release marks a major change for Adobe away from a “purchase” model to a subscription model; if you want the latest versions of their applications you must now pay a monthly fee to use the software. You can license an individual application for $20 a month, or the whole suite for $50 a month. Clearly, even if you think you only need After Effects and Premiere Pro, you might as well spring for the whole set, and if you have a previous version of their software you may qualify for a discounted first year. The suites of software devoted to a particular type of creative, such as Production Premium, are no longer offered.

Adobe does say that they plan to continue to sell, at least for now, Creative Suite 6 as a regular purchase.

The Creative Cloud also adds more emphasis to sharing files through the network, though it’s important to note that applications like Premiere Pro and After Effects are still installed on your computer. The subscription component requires that the applications “phone home” every 30 days to check the validation, but if you pay for a yearly subscription the applications can be offline for up to 99 days.

Like past major releases, this update sees a number of changes to existing applications, though not all applications have been updated, and some of the changes are more major than others. One of Adobe’s claimed reasons for switching to a subscription model is that they will be able to release updates as they become available rather than having to wait for each major release cycle. Upgrading remains at user discretion, so you don’t have to change the software in the middle of a major project. read more...

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