Adobe Success Story: Vincent Laforet

Award-winning director and storyteller Vincent Laforet switches to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 to free time for creativity

Storyteller. Photographer. Filmmaker. Director. Vincent Laforet’s work fits multiple categories, yet his work defies categorization. A three-time winner at the prestigious Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, at 25, he was the youngest staff photographer ever for The New York Times. Laforet has broken new ground with innovative tilt-shift and aerial photography, as well as his use of DSLR cameras. He continues to make breakthroughs today in both still and video imagery using Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium software.


  • Maintained resolution of high-end footage
  • Enabled non-destructive editing for more creative freedom
  • Allowed instant preview of shots for rapid creative decisions
  • Exceeded quality expectations while reducing costs
  • Took more risks due to powerful post-production toolset

Project Details

Laforet previously relied on a workflow involving Apple Final Cut Pro in combination with tools such as Adobe After Effects and Photoshop software. He switched to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 due to its native editing support for RED and DSLR camera formats. Plus, the depth and integration of Adobe software transformed the leading image-maker and director into an enthusiastic convert to an all Adobe video production workflow.

“Native support for the 5K RED EPIC and Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR camera formats in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 led me to try Production Premium initially,” says Laforet. “That feature alone was well worth making the switch. Then I saw the integration among all the components of Adobe’s video tools and the virtually endless number of features — these factors made the move to an all Adobe workflow the clear way forward.” read more...

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