SAN JOSE - Adobe ( has released an update to Premiere Pro CS5. Version 5.0.2 includes improved Mercury Playback Engine support, which enables GPU-acceleration, allowing users to work in realtime on high resolution projects. The new release also introduces support for additional Nvidia cards, including the GTX470, Quadro 4000 and Quadro 5000, which are all Windows-only solutions. Red Rocket support has been added in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. The Red Rocket handles the decoding of Red media on playback, freeing up the CPU and resulting in faster decoding. Red media playback also is now faster and more responsive. The CPU is free to handle other processes, such as effects.

There is now support for the 12-megapixel Mysterium X sensor and the latest color science. Users can now easily edit color-graded footage from REDCine-X tools.

Native Sony XDCAM support has been added in the new release, and the inclusion of XDCAM 4:2:2 timecode allows Premiere Pro users to see and work with source timecode from XDCAM 4:2:2 media.

XDCAM-HD export support is new, as is native JVC QuickTime support, allowing for workflows that use JVC tapeless cameras and support devices.

Native DPX format support has been enhanced with the update. Premiere Pro users can now import and export DPX files with timecode.

Support for 10-bit color output via Mercury GPU Quadro Cards offers users the ability to output and view (with a 10-bit capable monitor) full 10-bit color without the requirement for separate video playback hardware (Windows only).

And on the audio front, Broadcast WAV support improves Premiere Pro audio workflows where audio source timecode is of importance. This is of particular use in OMF export, where source timecode is used by the host DAW to sync multiple takes.

Follow this link for more info on waht's new in 5.0.2

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