Adobe vs. Avid vs. Grass Valley vs. Sony vs. Apple

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What editing package do you use? What should I buy? Do I have to be an Avid editor to work on films? Is Premiere replacing Final Cut? I hear good things about Vegas. Should I try it? We hear these questions over and over.

Usually you’ll get this question answered in a very biased way with very little context on how the software package is actually used or what its particular strength and weaknesses actually are. Part of the reason is that it’s difficult for 1 person to have a profound understanding of all the major NLEs and give an objective review. You tend to get a bit biased toward platforms you master. There’s a huge difference between simply getting a project out the door and making something really come to life using a particular NLE.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time with all the major NLEs either as a producer or editor. Sometimes we’ve had the luxury of weeks to work on a project but more often than not it’s about speed and the ability to turn projects very quickly.

In the end, the ability to quickly turn around a quality visual asset has less to do with the tool than the producer’s clear direction and the editor’s mastery of the platform to bring that vision to reality.

Sure, some things are easier in one NLE versus another but aside from high end finishing and post work amazing story telling can be accomplished using tools from Adobe, Avid, Grass Valley, Sony or Apple. read more...

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