Adobe’s CS Review Access in Premiere Pro CS5

Studio Daily blog by Scott Simmons

Well here’s something I wasn’t aware of: Adobe’s online review and approval portal CS Review supports your editing sequences for review and approval right out of Premiere Pro CS5, via the CS Live button. This video popped up the other day and is a quick rundown on exactly how the process works. Basically it’s a way to encode, upload, have people view and comment and then get those review comments downloaded right into Premiere Pro CS5. The comments appear to load via edit sequence timecode and the app displays a thumbnail of the exact spot on the image where changes were marked.

That’s pretty cool. Of course, review and approval for editors isn’t anything new. I seem to remember Fuze Movie popping up earlier in the year as an online review and approval service. While I’ve never tried Fuze Movie myself the FAQ makes it seem like a cool service. It isn’t an in-suite integrated solution, however, which is what Adobe seems to be offering. Have you used Fuze Movie? If so, please comment below.

Adobe is being really aggressive in making CS5 an attractive package for video editors. For those of us still cutting away in Final Cut Pro, however, there’s always iChat Theater. read more... Click here to watch the video

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