ADS Tech Pyro Studio FireWire Card/Capture Box/Vegas+DVD Bundle

Videomaker Test Bench by Charles Fulton The Big Bundle API757 ADS Tech's various capture devices have always provided easy ways to get video into your computer, usually with some excellent deals on bundled software as well. The Pyro Studio is no exception, including Sony Media Software's Vegas+DVD Production Suite 6.0. If you were thinking of getting Vegas+DVD, the price alone makes this bundle worth the cost of admission, as it's within $25 of the packaged version of Vegas+DVD by itself. But it's more than just a great deal. The Pyro A/V Link capture box is very flexible, and we found the video quality to be excellent. Audio-wise, the box also provides locked audio, which removes the possibility of audio drift occurring (audio drift is actually allowed by the DV specifcation as a cost-saving measure, for up to 1/3 of a frame, but any editing application worth its salt can compensate for it, yielding perfectly synchronized audio.) read more...

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