Advanced Image Robotics Debuts the AIR One Charter Kit

Discover the cutting-edge technology showcased by Advanced Image Robotics as they introduce the highly anticipated AIR One Charter Kit in a recent video featured on InBroadcast. Delve into the details of this groundbreaking release, as Advanced Image Robotics proudly demonstrates the full capabilities of the AIR One Charter Kit at NAB NY's Broadfield Partner Pavilion. Excitingly, the product is now available for shipping, marking a significant milestone in the realm of advanced imaging solutions. Stay informed and stay ahead with the latest from Advanced Image Robotics!

AIR One™ is a groundbreaking remote production platform consisting of robotic digital cinema cameras on the front end, and a full cloud production platform on the backend. It’s cloud-native, meaning we’ve built it from the ground up to minimize equipment and optimize distributed computing. From offsite or onsite, you now have full camera control with real-time precision pan, tilt, zoom, focus, and position set & recall via intuitive touchscreen UI, and a full cloud switcher that can feed any CDN. No need to roll a truck! Everything connects over a standard gigE LAN and broadband ethernet. On the back end, AIRcloud acts as a central hub for project setup, permissions, routing, media storage, communications and shoot day management.

Watch the full video below:

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