Advanced Image Robotics Showcases the AIR One Remote Video Production Platform

At the 2023 NAB Show in New York City, ProductHUBTV interviewed Nick Nordquist of Advanced Image Robotics, showcasing their innovative AIR One™ platform at the Broadfield Booth. Founded in 2020, Advanced Image Robotics aims to empower creators and producers by allowing them to focus on content creation without the need for IT expertise.

AIR One™ stands out as the first professional video production platform tailored for OTT livestreaming. Born out of years of experience in shooting multicamera live events, it introduces a remote system that streamlines equipment, elevates video quality, and significantly cuts production costs.

The compact and lightweight AIR One™ cloud-native cinematic camera unit is designed for convenience. Whether fitting under an airplane seat, mounting high, or blending seamlessly into a location, it provides unprecedented control. Setting up and initiating shooting takes only minutes, making it an ideal choice for efficient workflows.

With the unique iOS® app, AIR One™ offers intuitive control at your fingertips, eliminating the need for joysticks and bulky consoles. Pan and zoom with precision smoothness, bringing ultimate control to your craft.

The AIRcloud™ platform further enhances the workflow by providing seamless integration from camera to viewer. With direct internet connectivity, the need for an OB truck is minimized. Operating at ultra-low latency, the team can manage multiple cameras onsite or remotely. Directors can make decisions from anywhere, fostering a united workflow. AIRcloud™ integrates with familiar tools such as vMix®, Premiere Pro®, and more, enabling tasks like switching, distribution, editing, communications, adding graphics, and outputting results to any CDN.

Discover how AIR One™ from Advanced Image Robotics is reshaping the landscape of live event production, offering unprecedented control, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for content creators and producers.

Watch the full video below:

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