Advanced PTZ Camera Control

On Today's Videoguys Live, James talks about advanced ways to control your PTZ cameras. He covers grouping of cameras as well as auto-tracking and automation.

Watch the full video below:

Advanced PTZ Control

  1. Groups
  2. Scenes
  3. Auto-Tracking
  4. Included Auto-Tracking
  5. Add-on Auto-Tracking
  6. Audio-Tracking


  • Control and manage your cameras in groups – Used to manage multiple cameras
  • On Different shots in the same room
  • Across different rooms on the same network
  • Across remote locations


  • Scenes are an advanced level of presets.
  • You can link certain groups to a scene
  • The scene can have different presets made for the cameras in a specific group
  • Now you can have different scenes setup to control multiple cameras moving to a designated spot with a click of one button

Check Out The PTZ Camera Operator Handbook by Paul Richards

  • (Video playlist)
  •​ (Book)

Groups and Scenes Are Not Limited to PTZOptics

  • Many camera controllers can do this as well as switching programs such as VmixOBS, Wirecast and Tricaster


  • Most PTZ manufactures offer a form of auto tracking
  • Some offer auto tracking included, while some offer an upgradable add on
  • Auto tracking is exactly as it sounds, the camera will automatically track a subject without having to manually do so with an operator
  • Most auto tracking are used with software being hosted on a separate device; however some cameras are starting to come with autotracking hardware built into the camera

Auto-Tracking Included with BirdDog PTZ Cameras

  • All birddog cameras come with auto tracking through CamControl
  • The free Cam Control app is the easiest and most user-friendly way to dial in BirdDog cameras
  • Auto Tracking is built right in, with adjustable parameters to track via facial or body recognition.
  • BirdDog PTZ Cameras start at $1,495.00 and are available at Videoguys
  • Watch a demo here

Auto-Tracking Included with PTZOptics PTZ Cameras

  • All of the PTZOptics move 4k cameras come with auto tracking Included
  • The Move 4K’s auto-tracking can lock into a specific person, even while other people are in frame
  • Users can switch between on-stage presenters with the click of a button. The Move 4K can track subjects up to 300 feet away.
  • Watch a demo here

SMART Auto-Tracking from JVC

  • The SMART auto-tracking function of the cameras means that operators can set the camera to focus on and follow one person in the view, such as an instructor, pastor, or specific person in live productions
​Auto-Tracking Upgrades Available for Canon PTZ Camera
  • Canon has auto tracking as an available add-on for $1,200
  • The Auto Tracking Application enables the camera to automatically track the speaker or other specified persons during commercial presentations, lectures and other events
  • The application is installed directly into the camera, eliminating the need for a computer to operate the software. ​
  • Watch a demo here

Auto-Tracking Upgrades Available from Panasonic Connect

  • Panasonic also has auto tracking as an available add-on for $1,500 (90-day free trial available)
  • A state-of-the-art auto-tracking software option available for all Panasonic Pro PTZ cameras.
Advanced Auto-Tracking with MRMC Polymotion Chat Pro
  • MRMC Polymotion Chat Pro is the highest end auto tracking on the market
  • Using limb and face detection software Polymotion Chat tracks subject movements and provides stable and natural-looking content
  • The camera agnostic automated subject tracking system is available for multiple broadcast and capture scenarios with 3 different solutions available.
Auto-Tracking Presets for Panasonic Connect
  • Panasonic has a preset program that now supports audio tracking with the Panasonic connect microphones. ​
  • This allows for camera presets to be triggered by audio levels on a microphone​
  • Keeps whoever is talking on screen at all times
  • Watch a demo here

Wireless Mic Options with DECT to transmit audio over a 1.9 GHz spectrum, enabling a solid, secure connection

Panasonic’s distributed system architecture separates the antenna from the wireless receiver. Up to eight (8) antennas can be connected to one Panasonic wireless receiver




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