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Adobe by Michelle Gallina

We are the co-founders of Crish Design (formerly CyberMotion), an award-winning motion graphics studio. We have a long history of working on movie and broadcast opening titles, trade show graphics, and unusual displays such as the four-block long Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas. We’ve also written 12 books and produced well over 50 hours of video tutorials on After Effects.

We were lucky to be two of the original beta testers for After Effects 1.0, so we’ve been working with the software for more than 20 years now, including early testing. For the past two decades, we’ve based our business around After Effects. In a way, it has provided us two careers. The first 15 years we worked with many great clients on high-profile projects in the middle of bustling Los Angeles. Now, we’re enjoying a change of pace as authors and instructors living at the forested foothills of the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico!

After Effects has allowed us to make a good living over the years, but it’s more than just our business—it’s become intertwined with our identity and our lives. We’ve made some wonderful friends within the industry, and we also get great satisfaction knowing that our books and videos have helped other artists find more success in their own careers.

We’ve seen a lot of features come, and some go, from After Effects. As far as favorites go, the way everything is “live” throughout a chain of compositions in After Effects, without the need to pre-render at any stage and commit to decisions, is pretty amazing. It allows you the ultimate flexibility to go back and refine your ideas later (not to mention accommodate client changes) without losing your work or image quality. read more...

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