Post Magazine By: Claudia Kienzle Avid HDWhen it comes to making HD more affordable, the fledgling HDV format is rapidly gaining popularity for its impressive price/performance, and could eventually surpass the popularity of standard def DV. HDV camcorders from Sony and JVC are enabling even the most budget-conscious producers and independent filmmakers to shoot their projects in HD with the ease and portability of DV camcorders. They can buy a fully outfitted HDV production package for under $10K. Responding to the groundswell for shooting HDV, NLE vendors — including Apple, Avid, Leitch, Canopus and Pinnacle — have integrated HDV support into their desktop systems, making HDV a more viable, end-to-end solution. Advances like shooting in HDV, and finishing HD projects on desktop systems, are bringing down the costs of entry into the HD world, making HD more affordable without sacrificing results. read more...

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