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Post by Bob Pank HDV BridgeLAS VEGAS - At the NAB convention, I found a huge HD presence and while this may not reflect the proportion of high definition production today, it is surely a message for the near future. Sony declared that half of its sales in the year just ended were for HD products, and most manufactures now have HD offerings in their product lines. Certainly for post it is not the big financial deal that it once was. You can choose from many manufacturers offering a variety of capabilities and price points to suit. Understanding the price-performance tradeoffs is more important than ever as the HD post market evolves. Buying patterns in the affordable area are shifting as interest in the do it yourself approach to edit system assembly is giving way to keenly priced off-the-shelf workstations. It is true that there are many sub-assemblies, such as input/output cards, for computer-based equipment but knowing how to avoid software and hardware conflicts and achieve optimal performance is recognized as a job for the experts. Tim Lawrence, VP operations/technology, at Boxx Technologies ( sees their roll shifting to not only to delivering the ideal platform but also to adding more support. "Video has now become more complex. There are different decks, inputs and outputs, formats and requirements to optimize workflow. So the customer needs support before and after the fact. We are getting more involved with certification and authorizing configurations." At the same time Boxx, which didn't have a booth at NAB but had product at partner booths, continues to offer a range of video workstations: HDPro for uncompressed quality and HDProRT for realtime performance using Cineform compression. read more...

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