AJA Drives 4K Innovation at NAB

As NAB approaches, AJA is once again at the forefront with 4K-ready products that cover all aspects of these advanced workflows.

KONA 3G, AJA's flagship I/O card, added 4K input and output support well over two years ago as a free firmware upgrade. This has allowed users to incorporate 4K into their daily workflows on the same hardware they have been using for SD and HD, making the transition to 4K virtually seamless.

On the 4K acquisition front, AJA's Ki Pro Quad is once again leading the way with breakthrough 4K workflows that allow capture directly off 4K cameras to efficient Apple ProRes files at full resolution. 4K ProRes files require less bandwidth and storage space than uncompressed or RAW files but still maintain pristine 4:4:4 image quality. Ki Pro Quad also supports your on-set monitoring needs with full resolution 4K/QuadHD output as well as simultaneously scaling down to 2K/HD SDI and HDMI outputs for more cost-effective monitoring throughout your production. And if your production requires RAW recording, Ki Pro Quad can handle that too, by passing incoming RAW camera data over a high-speed Thunderbolt™ connection to a properly-equipped computer and storage device for processing. With support for 4K, QuadHD, 2K and HD, all at 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 bit depths, you can get the benefits of Ki Pro Quad on your current 2K and HD projects and easily switch the same device to 4K or QuadHD projects when they come along.

But it doesn't stop there. Be sure to visit the AJA booth #SL3816 at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas and check out AJA’s new announcements that continue making 4K a practical reality.

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