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AJA Product Manager Eric Norrell offers an overview of key AJA products and applications for HD and 4K production, post-production, and streaming, along with a look at integrated solutions featuring AJA gear like the vMix Thunder.

AJA was founded in 1993 up in Grass Valley, California. We started out making little tiny boxes that would convert various signal types around a switcher workflow, so we?ve always been involved in live production. Common conversions included SDI-to-HDMI or HDMI-to-SDI or DVI. There are a lot of different digital connections in our digital age. To get a specific signal type it is into your switcher, sometimes requires conversions. Most cameras are smart enough to have multiple formats available as an output, but they?re not always the ones that your switcher can accept. For 22 years, AJA has been making converters to help with those problems.

Io 4K

We also make KONA and Io boards and Thunderbolt boxes, which are ways to get video signals into computers. Traditionally they?ve been used to work with Adobe Premiere and other postproduction applications. More recently, producers have used them with Wirecast and vMix, applications that enable you to do a multichannel switch with just a laptop and AJA boxes like the Io 4K, shown in Figure 1 (below).

The Io 4K can do 4K I/O, but it can also do multichannel. This is a great box. It makes it possible to take a commodity PC or Mac laptop and turn a Paladin- or vMix Go type of system. read more....

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