AJA Introduces New, Unified AJA Control Room Software at IBC 2011

No-cost, Downloadable Applications Provide a Unified Environment to Control AJA Edit Hardware for Capture, Playback, Output and More

Amsterdam, Netherlands, IBC Conference Stand 7.F11 (September 9, 2011)--At IBC 2011, AJA Video Systems is announcing the release of AJA Control Room, a unified cross-platform application for controlling selected AJA KONA and Io products to enable capture, conversion, playback, VTR control and output. In addition, a separate new AJA Control Panel can be launched independently or from AJA Control Room, providing powerful configuration and at-a-glance viewing of settings. Available for Mac OS X and Windows as no-cost, downloadable applications, AJA Control Room and AJA Control Panel provide a common, comprehensive control interface for AJA’s KONA 3G, KONA LHi, KONA LHe Plus, Io HD, Io Express and new Io XT solutions.

Because the AJA Control Room interface is identical across all AJA solutions and platforms, users encounter the same initial splash page where they can choose from two main workspaces--Playback, and Capture--and launch the separate AJA Control Panel application. The software suite provides a range of options including:

  • Input video selection, conversion selection, frame buffer format, or output video selection via the AJA Control Panel
  • Load, view, and play files out of the hardware
  • Bin, viewer (including batch capture), and view media information
  • Record, remote, edit operation type, and more.

Within the AJA Control Room workspaces (Playback and Capture), users can choose to work through a ‘Basic’ or ‘Advanced’ interface, to facilitate fast single-button actions (Basic) or to access a wider array of features and functions from a graphically rich at-a-glance view (Advanced).

“With the new unified AJA Control Room and AJA Control Panel software suite we’ve replaced multiple applications and streamlined AJA and external device control through a cross-platform software solution, as well as delivering new functionality,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “Now, regardless of what platform they’re working on or which AJA product they’re using, their experience is the same, and they’re working in a familiar ecosystem where they have quicker access to external equipment.”

AJA’s Control Room software will be available through AJA’s website (www.aja.com) in October, as a no-charge download, along with features and technical specifications.

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