AJA Ki Pro Facilitates Preview Screening of "A Good Day to Die Hard" for Troops in Kuwait


Grass Valley, CA (February 19, 2013) - AJA Video Systems, a leading manufacturer of professional video interface and conversion solutions, recently delivered AJA Ki Pro portable tapeless recorders to the editorial team of A Good Day to Die Hard to facilitate preview screenings of the film to United States troops stationed in Kuwait. A Good Day to Die Hard stars Bruce Willis returning in his iconic role as John McClane; the film opened in theatres on February 14, 2013.

Longtime AJA customer and editor of A Good Day to Die Hard, Dan Zimmerman traveled to Kuwait to set up the screening together with a USO production team.
"Ki Pro is so small, portable and flexible. I was able to travel to Kuwait with a single carry-on backpack with two Ki Pros, to power two simultaneous high quality screenings of our film for over 1100 troops." Said Zimmerman. "With one Ki Pro we were able to plug directly into a Barco projector and a Yamaha MC7 board and the picture and sound quality were both awesome--this was the easiest screening I've ever done. Anything else would have been much more complicated."

Moreover, Zimmerman and VFX Editor Ryan Chavez also used AJA's T-TAP? Thunderbolt-based adapters to drive a more seamless edit process while on set in London, Budapest and Los Angeles during production of A Good Day to Die Hard. The T-TAP's were used to drive on-set playback from laptops to show the director how new shots were being incorporated into the movie, and provide a rough facsimile of how scenes were cutting together to enable the director to review scenes and make edit decisions while shooting. read more...

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