AJA Ki Pro Rack Rocks For Elton John

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Six-time Grammy winner Elton John is currently headlining a three-year gig at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. His show, "The Million Dollar Piano," is reportedly named for his new piano which took manufacturer Yamaha four years to build. Several times a week, John spends two hours dazzling audiences with hit after hit accompanied by his trademark flair, and recently, one of John's performances was recorded for a DVD release of the legend's chartoppers.

Freelance film and video editor Claude Shires was tasked with designing the workflow to capture the performance. To do so, he employed AJA's Ki Pro and two newly released Ki Pro Rack tapeless recorders.

"We have had great success using our Ki Pros and the addition of the dedicated Super Out status overlay on both Ki Pro and Ki Pro Rack is a huge benefit for technology directors accustomed to working with tape who always want complete assurance that were actually recording. Having the Super Out gives them that added confidence," said Shires. "The Ki Pro Rack's 1RU form factor is also great and makes it really easy to install."

An expert in tapeless workflows, Shires is a go-to resource for companies looking to digitally capture live events. Just in the past year, he has worked on eleven television specials featuring the likes of Joan Rivers, Snoop Dogg, Bobcat Goldthwaite and Rita Rudner through LOL Productions, using Ki Pros on each production. read more...

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