AJA T-Tap for Monitoring Video in Avid Pro Tools

download (2)AJA makes great products and the T-Tap Thunderbolt device is no exception. We've been selling it for years as a fantastic tool to get video out of your NLE timeline, either SDI or HDMI, via Thunderbolt. It works great with Final Cut, FCPX, Adobe Premiere & Avid Media Composer. It also works with Avid Pro Tools 11 and 12! This review from Pro Tools Expert goes into detail how amazing the AJA T-Tap is for Pro Tools users.
Pro Tools Expert by Mike Aiton In Pro Tools 11 (and therefore 12) Avid now use the AVE (Avid Video Engine) from its flagship video editing and grading platform, Media Composer. In Pro Tools 10 and below, accurate sync was only EVER achievable with Avid media and an Avid Mojo. The second one stepped off piste by using QuickTime files (i.e. non Avid media) or with any other peripheral then it was game over for sync. Desktop video in Pro Tools 10 and below was like a drunk fish on a bike as I have previously explained and demonstrated. A total no go area. I am still running AJA software 10.5.2 (the 10.8.5 version), so I just had install the driver for the T-Tap. Current versions for the AJA software on Yosemite include the drivers for all devices. How easy is that? After installing the driver, I unplugged the IOXT and attached the T-Tap. The T-Tap was immediately recognised and the software reported that it needed to change the firmware in the T-Tap. It tells you how long the update will take and when it is complete, and then then to power cycle the T-Tap (i.e. unplug the Thunderbolt). I then re-booted for good practice sake.

It would appear that the combination of the Avid Video Engine in PT11 and the ability of the AJA T-Tap to shift digits from your drive, up the Thunderbolt bus, through the T-Tap and into your digital display are leading to sync results that were virtually unimaginable a few years ago unless you spent some serious cash and bought some serious hardware. It is now possible to achieve professional results for around £200 which I have to say is outstanding! The T-Tap is a very accurate but affordable video peripheral and I can heartily recommend it. read more...

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