Alienware just built the Mac Pro of gaming PCs

The Verge by Dante D'Orazio

Expect no less than a monster price for this crazy machine

Apple's new "trash can" Mac Pro is pretty wild, but Alienware might have just snatched back the title for craziest desktop PC with its new Area-51. Gone is the rectangular tower desktop of old ? in its place, Alienware's made a funky, hexagonal machine. Similar to Apple, Alienware claims the design for its new desktop has some practical benefits beyond just looking insane. Since the back of the desktop isn't perpendicular with the floor, the company says you can push the unit up against the wall without blocking its all-important ventilation. Hardcore gamers should take note that the Area-51 will ship with Intel's newest 6- and 8-core Haswell-E processors, and it can handle up to three monster, double-wide graphics cards. Just what you need to stomp noobs from the comfort of your dorm room. read more...

The Alienware Area-51 returns... with some improvements. This chassis was rebuilt from the ground up to deliver a bold, striking design that offers improved functionality, blistering performance, and plenty of space and options for upgrades.

Our decision to move towards this triad design improved thermal flow through the system and allows for better ergonomics and move space for upgrades. The change in position of the front ports and rear IO panel also allows for easier access from any position.

More detailed specs to come:
- Intel Core i7 Haswell-E processors
- Factory overclocked and liquid cooled
- Available with 6 or 8 core CPU options
- Intel?s X99 Express Chipset
- Quad Channel DDR4 2133MHz RAM
- Dual, Triple or Quad Graphics Support
- Up to a 1.5KW Power Supply
- SSD + HDD Storage Options up to five drives
- Intel 802.11ac Wireless
- Bluetooth 4.0

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