All Things HDV Buyer's Guide

Videomaker by Heath McKnighthdv
Time for our annual HDV issue, and we've broken our buyer's guides into 3 segments: HD & HDV Camcorders, Editing Software and Monitors.
Camcorders With so many high definition camcorders now on the market, along with Panasonic's DVCPRO HD becoming more affordable, as well as the new AVCHD camcorders, the choice on which camcorder is right for you can be a difficult one. We break down the camcorders to help with that difficult decision.
Software What do all the editing applications that support high definition video have in common? They all contain ways to capture HDV footage using an intermediate codec, changing the HDV footage to a more standard and universal high definition (HD) format, which is easier to edit with.
The reason is that HDV's compression, which is very similar to how video is compressed for DVDs (MPEG-2 TS, or transport stream), is hard to cut natively on an edit system. This is why the manufacturers of most of the major editing software provide an intermediate codec or offer one as a plug-in. The footage encoded with the intermediate codec can be converted back to HDV upon playback to camera or VTR, though with uncompressed HD, the file sizes can easily quadruple. read more...

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