Almost a week in – thoughts on Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)

Planet 5D by Mitch

It has been almost a week since FCPX was released and I thought you’d want to know some of my thoughts… I’m sure many of you won’t agree, but that’s ok – that’s what makes the world go around!

By the way, found this little tidbit on macrumors… (which is an excerpt of the original article on “iMovie ’08 Was Originally Called ‘First Cut’, Ubillos on Final Cut Pro X”

Steve Jobs told the story when he originally introduced iMovie during a keynote in August 2007, but left out some details. According to Mellicker, Ubillos returned from vacation and found that Final Cut wasn’t ideal for organizing raw footage. From that experience, First Cut was born which would let you import your raw footage and quickly skip through, organizing and building a rough edit. The intention originally was to then export to Final Cut Pro. At some point, Apple officially latched onto the project and turned it into the new iMovie ’08.

My thoughts

First, some background on me – I was a software developer for 32 years and I’ve lived thru radical changes like this from both sides – as a developer and as a user. Both sides suck. I’m also not a FCP 7 guru – I rarely used it – I use iMovie much more because it is simple and I’ve grown with it long before I got into HDSLRs. I don’t often use the features everyone is saying are missing so I don’t “miss them” right now… but I do understand your pain – don’t for a second think that I’m belittling anyone’s pain. read more...

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