Am I Rendering And Viewing At The Best Quality With FCP?

By Andrew Balis for Moviola via Ken Stone
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In the following article I'd like to address frequently asked questions about quality in Final Cut Pro- as it relates to rendering, real time effects playback and how and when we control factors that affect rendering quality. Just as important, sometimes it's hard to judge the quality of our work, as where we are viewing the results may be misleading. So we'll also explore where and how to properly judge the quality aspects of a program.

In summary, we'll look at the following:

  • How to properly judge the quality of your real-time or rendered video
  • Choosing render quality options for video and audio
  • How to render video and audio
  • When to choose "item level" or "mixdown" rendering options for audio
  • How and when to render the specific formats of HDV or XDCAM natively or using the ProRes format


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