Amazon Graphical Cloud Computing will change things in ways we can't imagine

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Amazon announced recently that they will be providing not only CPU processing power and storage online (the way they have for several years now) but Graphical computing as well. This really does change things

Amazon Web Services sounds complicated and most people haven't come into direct contact with it - except that they have. That's because if they've used almost any of the well-know cloud systems and social media sites like Pinterest, Netflix, Pinterest, Adobe, Shazam - and so on - they all use AWS. Hundreds of other well-known companies use Amazon but just don't shout about it.

So you've probably been using it without realising or noticing it.

What's attractive about it is that if you're a small - or big - company, you can forget the cost of buying and running a rack of servers, and the responsibility for maintaining them and backing them up. Using AWS is not cheap, but it is proportional to your needs, so there's certainly a good business case for it.

But, nevertheless, it's as an end user to the companies subscribing to AWS that you'll have used it rather than as a direct user. So, until now, it hasn't mattered much to most people who aren't in the IT business.

Physical GPU inside a virtual machine

But now, all of that is set to change - especially for anyone that works with video. Because this week, Amazon announced that it is going to include access to Physical GPU processing from within its virtual machines. Which means that from now, it will be possible not just to store video in the cloud, but to do heavy-duty processing on it as well. read more...

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