AMD acquires ATI for $5.4 billion

AMD - ATIWell, this is very big news. Over the past couple of years we have seen both CPU and GPU performance become very important for NLE workstations. With these two giants merging, we can only imagine what additional new performance gains will be possible for video editors. In our last DIY article we saw AMD come out on top of Intel for Dual-Core NLE workstations, and the ATI1900 graphics card was our top recommendation for NLEs that leverage GPU power. Below are several links to our favorite tech sites for more about this merger. Tom's Hardware AMD: We won't be another Intel With the acquisition of ATI, AMD will have all the pieces in place to evolve from a processor manufacturer into a platform company and go head to head with Intel in more markets - especially in the business desktop and notebook segments. But AMD claims that it is approach will be different from Intel and allow third-party firms - such as Nvidia - to access its platforms.. read more... ExtremeTech AMD-ATI Deal Won't Stop Shaking For A While ATI will become "the ATI business division" within AMD, and its chief executive and president, Dave Orton, will become an executive vice president reporting to both AMD president and chief operating officer Dirk Meyer and AMD's chief executive, Hector Ruiz. read more... PC Mag AMD Buys ATI for $5.4 Billion Our (growing) collection of news, opinion, and expert analysis on AMD's acquisition of ATI and what it means for Intel, nVidia, and you. read more...

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