An In-Depth Comparison of the Canon Rebel T2i and Canon EOS 7D

Cameratown by Ron Risman

Canon Rebel T2i vs. Canon EOS 7D

The announcement of the new Canon EOS Rebel T2i came as a surprise for most of the industry. While we were expecting a refresh of the Rebel T1i, we weren't expecting the feature set than Canon packed into the new compact Rebel T2i. Before getting into my thoughts on the camera I wanted to post the list of new noteworthy features that are available in the Rebel T2i.

Feature Highlights:

  • 18.0-Megapixel CMOS image sensor
  • DIGIC 4 Image Processor
  • Full 1080p HD EOS Movie Mode
  • Full range of frame rates available in video mode
  • New 7x Movie Crop mode at 640x480 (DVD Quality)
  • New iFCL 63-zone, Dual-layer metering system
  • ISO 100-6400 (Expandable to 12,800)
  • New Wide 3.0" LCD with 3:2 Aspect Ratio
  • Ultra High-resolution 1.04 million pixel LCD resolution
  • New SDXC memory card compatibility

Video Unboxing and Camera Body Comparison

If you are familiar with the more expensive Canon EOS 7D, you'll notice that quite a few of the features listed above were handed down from this camera. There is a lot of chatter online about the viability of the EOS 7D now that the Rebel T2i offers many of its features but with a price savings of $900 (based on street pricing). The thinking is that maybe they should get the Rebel T2i instead and put the extra $$$ toward better & faster lenses. Since this overview was written with the idea of helping you make those sort of decisions I wanted to outline some of the features that are available in the EOS 7D that are not available in the lower cost Rebel T2i.

Ultimately, the decision as to which camera to go with will be based on finances and the type of photography you shoot and whether or not the video function of the camera is the sole deciding factor. read more...

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