Anatomy of an iMac Suite

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About a year ago I posted one of my most popular articles, “Anatomy of an Edit Suite”where I detailed everything that’s in our edit suites and why. In the interim we’ve ditched Final Cut Pro 7 in favor of Adobe Premiere Pro, added our first Dell Windows Workstation, and have strongly been considering iMacs to replace Mac Pros. That’s a lot of changes in just over 12 months!

Well we did go ahead and install a full blown iMac so without further adieu, may I present an Anatomy of an iMac Edit Suite. As with the original Anatomy article, I have listed all the products at the end of this article. I didn’t have my main camera today so what follows are all iPhone photos… What you see below is Edit 2 at Biscardi Creative Media. That’s Emily at the helm, yeah it’s a little messy, she’s four weeks into a documentary edit.

You’ll note we have the exact same Anthro Fit Console as all the rest of the edit suites. Even though the iMac is an all in one computer, we can still stand up by tilting the iMac backwards. You can also see the KRK Rokit 5 audio monitors on both sides of the console just like the rest of the shop.

Here’s a good look at the iMac configuration, that’s the iMac in the middle, a Dell 24? monitor on the left and a Flanders Scientific LM-1770W reference monitor on the right. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is the editing tool. read more...

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