And MicroQuad makes 3!

By Shaun Miller
Technical Director at Northview Church

Shaun Miller has already reported on his use of Matrox Convert DVI Plus and Matrox MC-100 at Northview Church. He recently added a review of Matrox MicroQuad to his blog.

"I have been doing a lot more consulting with smaller churches (a real passion of mine) recently. Often what I am seeing are churches that want to expand and do more things, but don't have the mega budget to do it. I recently heard a statistic that a church the size of Northview makes up one half of one percent of churches in America. Most churches consist of a few hundred people. I think that is where the beauty of the MicroQuad comes in - it's a quality product that is affordable. It's useful to me at a church of over 5,000 and affordable for a church of several hundred."

Review: Matrox MicroQuad

For the last several weeks we’ve had the privilege to be a test site for Matrox’s latest development. The MicroQuad is a compact quad SDI to HDMI multiviewer. It can handle anything you want to throw at it offering suport for SD, HD, and 3G. The HDMI output allows the user to turn a consumer grade HDTV or HDMI compatible monitor into a multiviewer. Weighing in at under a half of a pound the MicroQuad is an amazingly compact unit, which is helpful in already over crowed control rooms or in the field. User control features are accessible though push buttons on the side of the unit, allow the user to switch between a 4 up display or cycle full screen each input.

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