Angelbird AV PRO MK2 4TB CFexpress is here!

Angelbird has recently introduced two need CFexpress Type B Cards to their product line. The new cards are the 4TB AV PRO CFexpress MK2 Type B and the 1320GB AV PRO CFexpress XT MK2 Type B Card. 

The new 4TB AV PRO CFexpress MK2 Type B Card is Angelbird's largest capacity CFexpress media card. It captures the highest bit-rate RAW video and photo files at 6K, 8K, and 12K+ resolutions. The new 1320GB AV PRO CFpexress XT Mk2 Type B Card is part of Angelbird's high-endurance range. It features their highest sustained recording speed and stable performance delivering extended endurance for capturing granular detailed video and photo files with resolutions up to 12K+ RAW.

Both these cards are engineered for advanced cinema camera systems. They both feature the Y2 processor and have Adaptive Power Management, which improve your camera's battery run time. Check if your camera is supported on Angelbird's Compatibility List here!

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