Announcing 360Heros 360Abyss v4 Ultimate VR 360 Video System

360Heros is thrilled to announce exciting updates to our premier underwater virtual reality 360 video solution the 360Abyss with our latest offering, the 360Abyss v4. Most notably, v4 features the 360Heros Bullet360 Control Board System, enabling users to simultaneously operate the rig's six GoPro™ cameras underwater by plugging them into an internal wired interface. The system is triggered magnetically and features controls for turning cameras on and off and firing the camera shutter buttons for both video and photos underwater. Watch the videos below for an in-depth look at the amazing new features:
360Abyss v4 Intro
Full 360Abyss v4 Product Overview and Setup
The 360Abyss v4's magnetic controls solve many of the challenges VR content creators face when working with multiple cameras underwater such as conserving battery supply and triggering cameras simultaneously for video and audio sync. Read the full story
360Heros is debuting this new 360Abyss at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 6-9, in the VR Pavilion at booth 26417.
360Abyss v4 Key Features
  • Houses 6 GoPro™ cameras in individual compartments for capturing 360 video/ 360 photos
  • 360Heros Bullet360 electronic boards for simultaneous camera control
  • Magnetic trigger for turning cameras on/off underwater and firing camera shutters
  • Automated audio sync buzzer to aid in frame sync in post production
  • Rated to 1,000 meters and certified to 500 meters with neutral buoyancy in salt water (slightly negative in fresh water)
  • Output up to 8K (8,000 x 4,000 pixels) resolution 360 video
  • Anodized 6061-T5 aluminum core housing for durability and to help prevent camera overheating
  • 8 anodized aluminum threaded 3/8" mounting points
  • Aircraft grade poly carbonate domes offer a 360-degree crystal clear field of view underwater
  • 45-degree mount attachment for submarine and ROV compatibility
  • Unique remote triggering system offers ease of use for submarines, ROVs and many other industrial remotely controlled solutions

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