Announcing mocha Pro 5.2 Point Release with Major Workflow Improvements

Press Release Imagineer Systems releases new mocha Pro 5.2 point release with major workflow improvements for VFX & post-production artists. Guildford, UK – November 28, 2016 – Imagineer Systems, the Academy Award­-winning developer of mocha planar tracking & masking software, releases mocha Pro 5.2, a point release with significant new features and fixes for the VFX community. mocha Pro’s highly regarded visual effects software has been used on countless high-profile film and television projects including Game of Thrones, Star Wars: Episode IV and The Walking Dead. New mocha Pro 5.2 features include cross-platform, floating license support for both standalone and plug-in options and a new Render-Only license option for network node rendering.
“We are happy to address the needs of our enterprise customers and the larger studios that require the flexibility and security of floating license support,’ says Ross Shain, CMO of the newly merged Boris FX/Imagineer Systems/GenArts group. “Since releasing the mocha plug-in option for Nuke, Adobe and Avid, the number one facility request has been for floating licenses on the plug-in option.” Shain continues, “With the 5.2 release a facility can now serve a mix of mocha Pro standalone or plug-ins across teams and also push render intensive tasks, such as object removal, to render farms for increased efficiency.”
New in mocha Pro 5.2
  • New Floating License Support: You can now run both the mocha Pro standalone and mocha Pro plug-in options off one floating license server.
  • New Render License Option: A new Render License option allows users to render projects on a networked render farm or different workstation without taking up a full license.
  • Improved GPU tracking performance: mocha’s planar tracking has been updated to take advantage of supported video card hardware for significantly faster motion tracking. OpenCL GPU tracking in mocha v5.2 is even faster and now supports 16 and 32 bit source images.
  • New Apply Tracking Feature in After Effects Plug-in: You can now apply generated tracking data to other layers via the plug-in interface rather than exporting to the clipboard.
  • Improvements & bug fixes: including improved Python scripting support, improved handling of larger, multi-layer projects and numerous plug-in fixes for Adobe, Avid and OFX.
mocha Pro 5.2 is available as a free download for all owners of mocha Pro 5. read the mocha Pro 5.2 release notes

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