Announcing the Newest ClearCaster Features!

From Wowza

Built for Professional Productions.

1. Simulcast with ClearCaster

Facebook Live may be the world’s top live-streaming platform—but it isn’t the only platform. ClearCaster now enables simulcasting functionality through integration with our industry-leading Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service. Just use the advanced configuration settings in Wowza Streaming Cloud to perform a one-time setup of your preferred destinations, and you’ll be able to stream to multiple devices and platforms in one click.

2. Highest Quality on Facebook Live

Wowza ClearCaster now offers all users publishing access to the premium transcoding tier of Facebook Live. This tier offers more reliability and quality than the consumer side of Facebook Live by publishing via two additional output renditions (1080p and 144p), as well as support for up to 60fps video. Publish on the infrastructure Facebook built for premium content providers.

3. Free Titling & Graphics

Use any browser-based source with ClearCaster to add professional production and branding to your broadcast. Wowza has partnered with Vidpresso to create the perfect social streaming graphics. Use the standard packages for free, or pay a small one-time fee to have Vidpresso create a fully customized graphics package.

4. More Stream Health Metrics

ClearCaster now integrates with Facebook stream health to give you a full view of the first mile. New health monitoring metrics include real-time bitrate performance both coming out of the appliance as well as being ingested into Facebook.

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