Another Savvy Look at PluralEyes 4 in Red Giant's Shooter Suite 13

The new release of Red Giant's PluralEyes 4 is getting great reviews for it's efficiency in synchronizing sound and video. Take a look at what the experts at IT Enquirer have to say about essential features and new performance improvements.

PluralEyes 4 in Red Giant’s Shooter Suite 13: a review

IT Enquirer Staff Shooter Suite 13 is the latest upgrade of Red Giant Software’s application bundle for video shooters. The suite is targeted at offloading video from camera recording devices to your system as well as ingesting video into your NLE so that it is instantly usable. Shooter Suite 13 includes Offload 1.x, PluralEyes 4, Instant 4K and Frames. Of all the included apps, PluralEyes 4 is the most important one and the only app to have received a major feature upgrade. Red Giant’s PluralEyes synchronises video clips with separately recorded audio. PluralEyes 4 is easier than its predecessors, with most of its power fully automated. The new PluralEyes analyses footage and automatically chooses the best options to sync your audio and video. I distrust fully automated apps for anything but simple tasks. The ones that I know of never perform as good as my own fiddling, so I was very interested to see how the PluralEyes “Nouveau Style” would do. Knowing Red Giant’s high product quality standards, I reckoned this couldn’t be too bad, but how good it would be was a question I needed to answer. Before I go into details of how good or bad PluralEyes 4 is, let me first briefly go over the other improvements. The new version now integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro...[continue reading on IT Enquirer]

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