New Final Cut Pro X, Version 10.3 is here and now available

Mark Spencer reports on the exciting announcement from Apple. Apple released the new Final Cut Pro X, version 10.3 and is available now! Check out these free getting started lesson videos from ProVideo Coalition here!

Apple Announces New Final Cut Pro X, Version 10.3

Today Apple announced the immediate availability of Final Cut Pro X, version 10.3. It’s a huge update with a broad variety of new features, including a refined user interface, a massive update to how roles work including color coding, lane organization, easy expanding, collapsing, focusing on roles and role components, and role-based mixing. 10.3 also adds wide gamut color support, support for more camera formats, and a variety of browsing, editing, and effects improvements. Our blog article goes into all the details, and includes the 8 free feature overview movies embedded below (plus a video on how to upgrade). For more information, be sure to check out our What’s New In-Depth tutorial. If you are brand new to Final Cut Pro X, then the best place to get started is our free Getting Started lessons and our Core Training. Exploring the Final Cut Pro 10.3 UI Exploring Timeline 2 [Continue Reading...]

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