Apple Final Cut Pro 6: What’s in it for Editors?

2-pop Feature by Oliver Peters FCPBy now you’ve heard a lot about Color and Final Cut Studio, but if your focus is editing with Final Cut Pro, then what’s in this upgrade for you? Yes, there are lots of bells and whistles, but the marquee application received plenty of Apple attention as well. Many features are under-the-hood enhancements that don’t get as much press but are intended to make life more productive for working editors. Here’s a quick overview. Open Timeline: Now you can mix and match codecs, frame rates and sizes on the same timeline. These play through the RT Extreme engine in FCP, though rendering is at times still involved before going to tape. Most will show up with a grey/green-colored render indicator on the timeline, which Apple designates as “full quality.† Performance will vary with the model of Mac you are using, plus the amount of RAM and display card that are installed. read more...

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