Apple Granted Patent for Final Cut Pro Collaborative Editing

Patently Apple by Jack Purcher

In a review of Apple's Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 in February, StudioDaily noted that "two nice things in the 10.0.1 update were the ability to apply a custom sequence starting timecode and XSAN support, which lets you support an XSAN volume for media and event storage." They concluded by stating that it didn't mean true collaborative editing was here yet but that it was a start. The interesting thing about this is that Apple was just granted a patent for Final Cut Pro this week and its total focus was on this very point: collaborative editing in real-time. Final Cut Pro fans tell me that this would be a major feature that many of them have dreamed of and hoped for. Well, let it be known, it's a feature on Apple's roadmap via this week's granted patent.

Granted Patent for Collaborative Editing in Final Cut Pro

Apple has received a major Granted Patent relating to a system for collaborative media editing in a networked environment. Specifically the patent primarily relates to Final Cut Pro and collaborative editing in real-time.

Apple's granted patent for Final Cut Pro relates to technologies relating to collaboration on media production. In one example, one or more media projects are produced through the collaborative efforts of at least one originator (or "the originator") and one or more collaborators (or "the collaborator"). A collaboration environment can be created such that the originator can communicate in real-time with the collaborator over a communication network. Further, the originator can communicate through an originator interface provided by a collaborative software application installed, e.g., on the originator's computer system. At least one item of media content associated with the media project can be shared with the collaborator over the communication network. In addition, one or more source files associated with the media project can be identified by the collaborative software application and shared with the collaborator. Depending on an assigned privilege level, the collaborator can review, provide feedback, edit and/or otherwise manipulate the media project.

Real-Time Collaboration

In one aspect a computer-implemented method for collaborative media editing includes presenting, to an originator, an originator interface including multiple media panes. A connection with a collaborator is established. A selection indicating an item of media content associated with at least one of the multiple media panes is received from the originator. The selected item of media content is transmitted to the collaborator. Inter-user communication relating to the selected item of media content in the originator interface with the collaborator is enabled. read more...

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