Apple Releases Final Cut Express 4: Is It Right for You?

WebVideo Universe By Troy Dreier Apple's often overlooked mid-range video editor gets an update. With iMovie overhauled, Final Cut Express is now the best choice for Mac-using consumers. But does it have the power necessary for online video professionals, as well? With the release of Apple Final Cut Express 4, the slimmed-down version of Final Cut Pro 6 gains some important new features, including AVCHD support, 50 new professional effects, and an open-format timeline that lets people mix standard definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) content. Who's it For? So is it a better choice for consumers who want more video editing power than iMovie '08 can deliver, or is it better for video professionals who don't need the full broadcast-ready features of Final Cut Pro? We spoke to Kirk Paulsen, Apple's senior director of applications and product marketing, who told us that FCE was targeted more at high-end consumers. read more...

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