Apple Releases First Final Cut Pro X Software Update

Studio Monthly by Beth Marchant

FCP 10.0.1 Adds XML In and Out, XSAN Support, and for the First Time, a Free 30-day Trial

Apple today released the first significant software update to its Final Cut Pro X editing software, which it unveiled to much controversy in late June. In a one-on-one call earlier today with Apple's Richard Townhill, senior director of applications product marketing, we learned more about the 10.0.1 update that includes critical support missing from the original release, notably for XML import and export and Xsan-based workgroup editing. The update is free to existing users and went live in the Mac App Store during our call.

Townhill stressed, first and foremost, that Apple is committed to its core base of professional editors. "We're making good on our promise that we're absolutely committed to our core group of professional users," said Townhill. "The fact that we're able to deliver these key improvements — the most requested from our pro editors — so quickly, through the incredible infrastructure of the Mac App Store, just goes to show that we are committed to making this application deliver on what we promised." For those still on the fence, Apple has also, significantly, launched a free trial with full functionality that times out in 30 days. If you decide to buy before the trial runs out, any project you begin there will automatically be imported into your new version of Final Cut Pro X.

XML In/Out and Multiuser Xsan Support

Apple has made this update only a decimal-point upgrade in another effort to show users that more regular updates will follow. Multicam editing and broadcast video-monitoring, for example, won't arrive until the next update in early 2012. But there are a number of key workflow improvements inside 10.0.1 that can be used immediately. read more...

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